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TSG Payroll Services

Outsourcing corporate payroll services can reduce the complexity and risk of running your own payroll, while helping ensure greater accuracy, with up-to-date tax rates and regulatory information.

We have clients large and small that take advantage of our payroll solutions which help increase efficiency, accuracy and reliability from data entry to payday. SaaS cloud based solutions and pricing that we can discount up to 55% off cost when your Payroll, Employee Benefits and ACA compliance is managed by TaylorSolutionGroup.

So no we are not going to give you a gimmick pricing promotion for a 3 year commitment, just great pricing from day one and you be the judge from there on out.

This paired with all client service handled by us so that you are free to stay focused on the business. Most payroll companies reps will do or say anything to get you in the door and on the books for 90 days. Then you have the unenviable experience of being on the carousal of never ending seat changes within their customer service centers. Allow us the opportunity to exceed your expectations by managing and integrating HRIS, Payroll, Group Insurance, ACA Compliance and Retirement.

Communicate your expectations, time of delivery desired on the deliverable and our team takes it from there. You can be totally involved or as little as you want. Options keep life in a pleasant state so we try to offer up a menu of them!

Out of the box payroll solutions that drive cost down and allow fine tuned focus on your core competency, running a successful business and leaving the business processes to those who enjoy doing them.

Just let us know when your ready and one of our consultants will respond within 24 hours. 

TaylorSolutionGroup is a different type of Practice for a different type of client so get familiar and stop overpaying!

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