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Businesses today not only compete for customers. They also compete for employees. And attracting, retaining, and developing talent can be as challenging as building the business.

By offering employees affordable and valued benefits in addition to their basic salary package, the right benefits plan can help you to attract high caliber people to join your organization and keep them.

With more than 15 years of combined knowledge in the industry, our team of employee benefits specialists can help you

  • Co-design benefit packages for your organization with employees and cost driving the conversation
  • Negotiate policy wordings to ensure the most appropriate insurance covers.
  • Obtain competitive rates for your employee benefits package.
  • Multiple Self insured plans for employers with 10 or more employees that provide money back in good claim yrs. ( No credits 100% cash back)
  • Scheme administration, leaving your HR and payroll teams more time to get on with people management
  • Offer easy online access for staff/employees to manage Group Health through a benefits portal.
  • Develop new offerings for employees and tailor products to meet the specific needs of your staff.
  • Secure renewals early and allow more time for the business
  • Quarterly service meetings to measure and track our service levels and responsiveness.
  • ACA compliance integration with payroll for 1094 & 1095c generation and delivery ( We will go back two yrs create data for this requirement and get your compliance on track.
  • You tell us what you would like to see in addition to the above ( We work for and with you)

By offering a competitive employee benefits, you’ll able to better serve your employees who will in turn help your business to meet goals and objectives in a competitive marketplace. Try not to be a member of the 64% of Employers who do not offer one gap plan to help employees mitigate unnecessary financial exposure.

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